Kinyan Hamasechta

Fire up your Passion for Learning Gemara

A groundbreaking program that cultivates ownership of your Torah learning.

Ignite a true
for learning

Join the worldwide

Be excited to learn
every day

Looking to own & enjoy the gemara, not just learn it?

Don’t just go through the masechta, let the masechta  go through you!

The Challenge

It’s hard to find time and develop a passion for learning when your schedule is booked tight.

The Transformation

Our unique learning method makes gemara an enjoyable and memorable part of your day and life!

“This is a revolution and innovation that Klal Yisroel has not seen in so many years...”

Harav Chaim Tzvi Senter
Rosh Yeshiva Aderes HaTorah

Emphasis on Clarity

Shiurim that are given with a clarity that makes chazara easy.

Attain Mastery System

Encourages constant review, leading to “kinyan” of the Gemara.

Encouragement & Warmth

Enjoy the feeling of a close-knit chabura with whom you celebrate every milestone as you go through the masechta.

We are a global network of chaburos

Worldwide Chaburos
Committed Members

“...given us the ability to utilize all of our time by being so familiar with the gemara through chazarah”

Gabe & Eli

“It builds a love and passion for learning, no matter where I am or what's going on, I just want to learn”

Danny Laniado

“This program has opened up a world of learning and insight that I've never had before”

Binyomin Sherr

Who We Are

Kinyan HaMasechta — a life-changing, global network of chaburahs — ignites the true, fulfilling pleasure of Torah via a revolutionary commitment to complete proficiency in learning. Our goal: every participant experiences a wholehearted love and comprehensive command of the Gemara.

Our Method

Daily, direct sedarim designed precisely for baalei batim are delivered by master Roshei Chaburah — concise coherent chaburas, making review simple. The key — constant chazarah — insures the chabura will not advance until review is complete and the Gemara fully understood. Each group’s dedicated Rosh Chaburah provides warmth, encouragement and motivation to keep the energy high and flowing. The bnei chaburah bond with the Gemara, and one another, as they strive together in Torah.

Why it Works

Accomplishment sparks a passion to invest oneself more deeply while greater fluency generates a fresh desire to gain even more. With each new advance and acquisition, confidence soars as the bnei chaburah savor the mastership of the Gemara. Each chabura’s extraordinary enthusiasm testifies to the overwhelming success of the methodology.

Join Our Worldwide Movement

To bring joy and love of Torah to the working men of Klal Yisroel!

Join Our Worldwide Movement

To bring joy and love of Torah to the working men of Klal Yisroel!

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