Yocheved Wagner Poen for Kinyan Hamasechta Wives

A letter (poem) from a Rosh Chabura’s wife to the wives of the Bnei Chabura in honor of their siyum


It’s time,
Time to just unwind,
A rare moment,
To sit, to breathe, to be,
It’s time together,
To have a talk,
Enjoy some cake and tea.
Moments together,
The best place to be,
Does it really come to an end?
For when he leaves,
I do believe, listen to me dear friend,
The Torah he learns in any amount,
It goes into your joint account,
A day with Torah goes differently,
Of course it’s for eternity,
And day to day too,
There’s payback for both of you
נשים במי זכין
It’s a zechus to share as one.

It’s time,
Time to just reflect,
To talk to share and to connect,
It’s time together to take a walk,
It’s quiet but it’s good,
This doesn’t happen nearly enough,
Moments together,
Feeling the breeze,
You kind of always want it just so,
He turns to go,
But the glow, it’s still there,
Because you know,
The Torah he learns, it’s your Torah too,
It’s לי טוב for him, and it’s לי טוב for you,
We may tear up inside it’s hard to invest,
But for both of us really, it is the best.
נשים במי זכיו
It’s a זכות to share as one.

The Torah he learns,
As we weather the storm,
It makes our home strong,
Secure and warm,
We give in,
We give up,
But we never give away,
What we do for Torah,
It’s our part that will stay.
נשים במי זכין
It’s a זכות to share as one.

And a זכות for me to be a part,
Yocheved Wagner

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